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Oh, I know what his point is. For Hitler, he got people riled up and on his side by blaming the Jews for all of Germany's ills. Trump is getting people riled up and blaming all of our problems on immigrants. I guess it's not important since people don't pay attention to history.
And here I thought it was just land of cows and cheese.
Yeah, well, maybe. But STILL. You couldn't BE more wrong! Fence fucker.
Fine. If silence equals acceptance, then no, I do not accept your weak-ass fence-sitter claim. Choose a side, ya fucking gimp.
I didn't think any of the applause was all that thundering, except for the widow. The special victim advocacy team is a fucking joke. More crimes are committed by Americans than immigrants. When you get raped or assaulted, it really doesn't make you feel any better that your attacker was a citizen.
That's so bossy. I'll give my kid the anal flu instead if I want to!
I just don't understand why the universe would do that to me. I mean, couldn't it have been spelled with a "y"? But who knows, nothing may come of it anyway, and then at least part of my confidence in the cosmic order will have been restored.
A blown over ladder? I think you should tweet about how the immigrants are responsible for the air being all wrong and causing you great distress. YUGE.